In Cana of Galilee…

The yes of Mary, the yes of Anthony, the commitment of the Families of Cana

On Monday the Church celebrated the Solemnity of the Annunciation, transferred from March 25th, Palm Sunday. And so, as we usually do on solemnities, we went to evening mass. Anthony was anxious: “Mum, do you think I should serve at the altar, even though it’s a weekday?” “Of course! Father Taveira will be delighted.” “Ah good. Like that I’ll be the first to receive Holy Communion. And I loved having communion yesterday! I want to have communion today and every day. I think I’ll start counting my communions.” Lucia joined in the conversation. “When I made my first communion, I(…)

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More important than an angel

“Hey kids, Father Aníbal Mendonça is coming to visit. He has a present from Cana of Galilee for us and he wants to come here this evening to give it to us because he’ll be vising Mogofores. Let’s start our prayers now and Father Aníbal will join in when he arrives. When he comes in, don’t forget to stand up to say hello, ok?” “Why’s that?” the little girl who lives with us wants to know. “Why’s what?” “Why do we have to stand up from the sofa?” “It’s a matter of respect”, I told her. And before I could(…)

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