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Novena for Pentecost

The great day of Pentecost is quickly approaching. In our house we started to pray a Novena for Pentecost on Ascension Sunday, invoking the Holy Spirit and His seven gifts each day. It’s a magnificent way to deepen our understanding about the Spirit and about what the Bible and the Church say about Him. And it’s also a great way to teach our younger kids, because once they’ve listened to the prayer two or three times they begin to memorise the different gifts and fruits mentioned. Try it out! You can find it on the Prayers page in the From the Founders menu.

If you’ve not started yet, start today. You’re always on time! Because the prayer is the same for each day, it’s no problem if it’s not prayed on all 9 days. You can simply pray it for example on the Pentecost vigil or three days before.

Or why not transform it, after praying it, into a game? “Who remembers the first gift of the Holy Spirit?” Who’ll be first to say what the Spirit of Piety teaches us?” “What’s the Understanding we ask for?”

On the Sunday after Pentecost, the Sunday of the Holy Trinity, Clare will receive the sacrament of Confirmation. That day will be a true Pentecost for her, and we all want to join with her in the race to becoming saints. As we pray the Novena each day, we remember our own Confirmation while Clare prepares for hers.

Today is International Family Day. What better day than this to start the prayer of preparation for Pentecost? May the Holy Spirit come down upon each of our families gathered in prayer.

Pray with us!

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