Teresa Power is the author of several books that focus on Catholic spirituality.

Em Tua Casa, (At your house), published in Portuguese by Paulus, narrates the story of the Power family in episodes compiled from Teresa’s original blog (also in Portuguese) called A Catholic Family – Uma Família Católica. In this light-hearted easy read we pass through the pages of the book from the Power family home to the home of every individual onlooker, amid laughing, tears, silence and spirited family discussion!

Os Mistérios da Fé, (Mysteries of the Faith), published in Portuguese by Edições Salesianas (Salesian Publishers Portugal) consists of three volumes of bible meditations that irradiate each of the twenty mysteries of the Rosary with light from the Old and New Testaments. At the end of each meditation suggestions for developing the themes are provided, which are helpful for families, children and adolescents and so are suitable for use in family and parish pastoral instruction.

These books took shape out of the Power’s daily family prayer time. Little by little, prayer by prayer, Teresa began to realise that the mysteries of the Rosary provided the easiest means to tell her children the story of Jesus, right from His conception to His glory. She became aware also that all the stories and events described in the Old Testament can shed light on the life of the Saviour, hence on each one of these twenty mysteries. It was the quizzing and probing of her children, in their eagerness to know, understand and incorporate into everyday life the messages of the daily mass readings that were being read aloud and discussed, that inspired the suggestions for pastoral activities in these books.

The three volumes of Os Mistérios da Fé are not inter-dependent. But together they go through the entire Old and New Testaments, with meditations based on all of groups of the books of the Bible.

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